Atlas Business Datacentre – Physical Differences that Make a Difference

Datacentres by definition need to be physically secure. City centre datacentres are generally located in glass and steel office blocks surrounded by traffic congestion. The Atlas datacentre is located within the core of a former nuclear bunker discretely located in the Cheshire countryside but accessible via the M6 motorway, the Western Mainline railway and Birmingham and Manchester International airports. There is ample parking at the Bunker inside the twelve foot high perimeter fence topped with razor wire.

Beyond the steel blast doors client personnel are always accompanied by one of our engineers and within the datacentre captured by the monitoring on high quality CCTV. Should you require assistance with loading servers into racking, or transporting equipment from the car park we are happy to help. Once your equipment is installed you can be sure that it will be under surveillance and secure from accidental or deliberate malicious tampering.

Our engineers make regular visual checks on all of the equipment in the datacentre. In part this is because a client’s remote management and monitoring may not pick up on a fault or a developing fault on a hardware platform, but the hardware itself may already be displaying a health warning via its built-in indicator panels. Anything detected by our weekly engineer visit will be notified immediately to the client concerned.

The environment and power supply within the datacentre are also carefully monitored. In the event of electrical failure from the National Grid twin diesel generators installed within the Bunker power room will cut-in automatically and take-over from the UPS fail-over installed in each rack.