Atlas Business Datacentre – Multiple Diverse Network Connections Make a Difference

Atlas are a business-only specialist internet services provider. Our network is not cluttered with general consumer public upload and downloads of traffic and erratic peak demand loads.

We have multiple gigabit interconnects across our network with sufficient bandwidth maintained to cover all our customers operating at full speed. (Note that, in contrast the BT wholesale DSL network is by design heavily contended, and is patchy/erratic across the country).

Likewise, the same applies to our onward international connectivity to the rest of the global internet. Through Transit and/or Peering, we can support all our bandwidth needs without contention.

Atlas takes transit from multiple providers, specialising in transit to specific locations, as well as feeds from two generalised global Tier 1 network providers.

We also peer with other network and content providers at both LINX IX Manchester, as well as Extreme LANS at LINX London, thus giving us direct access to these networks as well.

All this peering and transit means that traffic into and out of our network can be sure of taking the shortest route that can be achieved to keep latency down to a minimum on any latency-sensitive applications.