Privacy Policy

Atlas Business Group Privacy PolicyAtlas Business Group of Companies Ltd Privacy Policy and Operating Practices

In any and all dealings with Atlas Business Group you can be assured that:

    • Material statements and claims about products, services and accreditations here are truthful and current so far as we can ensure.
    • We strive always to deal honestly, and to interact transparently in business, right from this first initial contact and in all our subsequent relationships and support.
    • We will only save details about you that are freely given for purpose and will not use technical tricks to capture other information, nor make any information you do give to us accessible to any third party without your agreement.
    • If you communicate with us by email we take all the exhaustive precautions we can with both in-bound mail from you and out-bound mail to you, to ensure that it is virus free, and decent, and to protect your identity in our address books from unauthorised use and spam.
    • Where any material that you ask us to send or download to you is commercially sensitive, we make appropriate use of pin codes, unlocks and encryption to protect both your sensitive data and ours.
    • Many of our working interactions with clients are verbal in nature, via face-to-face meetings and telephone conversations. For both project and on-going support services, it is imperative to delivery of excellent service that we collect and record carefully the facts and circumstances relating to your business and systems matters. Accordingly and as a matter of course, we work to ensure that comprehensive records of all meetings notes, telephone calls and data monitoring in our faults and ticketing systems are maintained and archived securely against any unauthorized third party access.
    • We are happy to share with you such records in paper, voice and electronic forms as relate to our dealings with you when these can assist both parties to deliver systems successfully, solve problems and establish facts or resolve differences which may arise.
    • We understand and apply the provisions of all of the DPA 18, copyright law and ethical good practice in respecting the rights and property of both ourselves and others in relation to commercially sensitive or personal data elements; also, particularly in relation to software, inventions, and intellectual property. We expect our customer and supply-side business partners to behave in the same way, and we take appropriate action against any who do not.
    • The legal basis of our agreements for conducting commercial relationships with clients are standard, publicly available and even-haded in approach; they take precedence over any terms sought to be imposed by clients on purchase orders, or other means.
    • All our engineers and staff are trained to be alert and sensitive to the possibility of penetration attempts against our security processes, and report any suspect interactions immediately to both our Chief Technical Officer and our Company Secretary as Data Controller Legal Affairs officer for the business.
    • Atlas are both ISO9000 and ISO27001 registered, and our security process performances are regularly subjected to both management and external audits througout the year.



Contact and Email address for privacy and data enquiries:
Mrs Daphne Butler, Company Secretary.  email: