Atlas Security Health Checks

Cyber security is an ever changing constant threat to any business. With the constant news stories of lost customer and employee data to cyber criminals and never ending updates and patches from server vendors, it can be a difficult task to be confident that your desktops, servers and networks are safe and secure. The rise of automated scans and malicious bots means that your systems are being tested regularly by hackers. Combined with the rise of ‘Bring your own device’, or BYOD, to work initiatives the complexity of protecting your company data is becoming more and more difficult.

The Atlas Security Health check is carried out using our cyber security trained professionals and industry leading scanning techniques, which are updated daily to reflect current threats. This helps to provide peace of mind that you understand the level of security within your system and network. As a result, you can be sure you are aware of any weakness before an attacker exploits them. The Security Health Check will provide a comprehensive cyber security threat analysis of your company network and an action plan to resolve any issues.

Atlas Business Group Solution options and Approach
• Security scans for your Windows, Linux and Mac servers/desktops
• Security scans of internal network equipment
• Security scan of one externally facing website

A mixture of industry leading scans and network probes including:• Host discovery scan
• Basic network scan for web vulnerabilities
• Credentialed Patch Audit
• Internal standard PCI scan for 2 hosts
• Web app scan website scans for all known vulnerabilities

A Cloud Infrastructure Audit
A summary report explaining the main findings of the scans
An Action plan to resolve any issues found

Best Practice from the Atlas Business Group

Atlas is both ISO27001 and ISO9001 registered. We have been building, designing and implementing high security environments for a variety of business sectors and clients. This includes extensive security knowledge on all types of systems within your environment, including networking equipment, Firewalls, Windows, Linux and Mac servers with application of both physical and virtual server hardening.

Atlas use CISSP cyber security accredited professionals, with years of security experience, to conduct the scans and provide meaningful reports. The security health check will scan your network and highlight any areas of concern.


A report highlighting the issues foundExecutive summary explaining the report in jargon free language

Expert explanation and analysis of any issues and how they currently affect you systems

Clear and concise suggestions on what needs to be done to improve security

Business values and benefits

With the ever changing security threat landscape it is important to make sure thet your business is protected from both external and internal threats. This health check will provide a comprehensive view of preparedness of your organisation.

Use this service as the starting point for a cyber security project or to:

Provide independent expert reassurance that your cyber security is as you expect

Provide reassurance to customers and employees that everything is been done to protec their data and personal information

Provide reassurance to financial auditors that cyber security is being taken seriously within your company.