Atlas Business Group Broadband Products

Atlas is a business-only internet provider which means our service is fast, reliable, and free from general social consumer clutter.

Our UK-based support desk engineers are familiar with each client; their business needs and their specific internet connectivity set up which enables us to always offer the very best possible customer service both now and into the future.

We have multiple gigabit inter-connects into the DSL network with enough bandwidth for all our customers to operate at full speed. In contrast the BT wholesale DSL network is contended by design.

Our inter-connects are located in London and Manchester giving us better options for providing clients with reliable connectivity.

Our Transit and Peering arrangements mean that onward connectivity to the wider world internet also enjoys uncontended bandwidth and no slowdown for our clients.

Most internet large providers utilise fee-driven peering arrangements, and connectivity through these providers usually consists of a primary and secondary/backup feed. Atlas, on the other hand, take transit from two generalised global Tier 1 network providers in conjunction with multiple providers who specialise in specific locations.

Atlas enjoys settlement-free peering with other network and content providers at LINX IX Manchester and both the Juniper and Extreme LANs at LINX London. We can also create private peering arrangements on request for individual clients either with a content or network provider at any of our direct POP sites, or by utilising Allegro’s SNAP platform.

The result for Atlas clients is that traffic into or out of our network takes the shortest route achievable with optimum conditions for latency sensitive applications.

Atlas are members of RIPE NCC and manage our own IP address space and customer IP assignments.

The entire Atlas network is IPv4/IPv6 dual-stacked. This means modern IPv6 addressing is available to all clients as part of our standard service.