Atlas and Chambers Host Datto Business Continuity Event

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce staged a presentation on robust business systems – at the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker.

The ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery’ session offering guidance on how to protect against unplanned events such as natural disasters, technology failures and malicious activity.

Nantwich-based Atlas Business Group and partner Datto (pictured) guided delegates through a series of scenarios and potential implications ranging from loss of reputation and customers to complete business failure.

Chamber members were advised how one in five businesses are affected by some form of disruption every year.

Fire, flood, loss of power, loss of data or even staff were common pitfalls.

Members were encouraged to protect their data and ensure the business incorporates a full recovery plan to ensure there is a quick and efficient back-up to their IT systems.

Chamber Chief Executive Paul Colman said: “This was the latest in our series of ‘In the Know’ events offering guidance from specialists on important topics.

“This presented members with crucial information on how to protect against disaster and ensure their business continuity plan is robust and reliable.”

There was also a chance to see behind the scenes of the former government-owned nuclear bunker now a popular tourist attraction and home to the Atlas Business Group.

Atlas Business Development Manager Adam Bell said: “We are proud to partner with Datto, providing comprehensive Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solutions for any size of business.

“We would also like to thank Daryl and Angela from the Chamber of Commerce for putting the event together, and of course Naomi and Adam from Datto, for providing a brilliant and informative presentation.”

On August 13, the Chamber is hosting a workshop offering tips on how to create an award-winning entry in this year’s Business Awards taking place at Crewe Hall on November 22.

On August 15 there’s a chance to network at a ‘Meet and Eat’ lunch event at Wychwood Park Hotel.

The Chamber’s annual meeting will take place at Crewe YMCA on September 19.

For more information on entering the Business Awards visit

For membership visit

For more on Atlas Business Group and a tour of its underground data centre call 0333 6663330.

(pic: Left to right  – Adam Bell, from Atlas Business Group, Naomi Hogg, Datto, John Butler, Atlas managing director and Adam Salley, Datto at the event
staged at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker)

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