About Our Network Data Centre

Network DatacentreBased in the Cheshire countryside in a former strategic nuclear bunker our datacentre at Hack Green sits at the heart of our modern network. It allows us to provide robust hosted services and internet service provision that our clients expect to enable their modern IT systems.  Hack Green Bunker is approx 30 miles south of Manchester, 15 miles west of Stoke on Trent and 45 miles north-west of Birmingham.

Our engineers provide around the clock daily network monitoring and support in the centre all year round. This around the clock maintenance is aided by high quality CCTV. Sitting at the centre of our network Hack Green is connected by multiple fibre optic connections which are diversely routed and mean that in the event of a fibre failure the datacentre remains visible to the rest of the network, allowing us and our clients to continue working. The facility has its own radio mast for location of microwave links, in addition to extensive rooftop space for the location of satellite dishes for up and down link communications.

Combined with our multiple redundant physical  connections to the outside world we have a virtual tier 1 network taking transit feeds from seven separate global tier 1 networks; this means that our network selects the shortest and most efficient route for your data to get to its end destination quickly, be that via peering at an exchange or by picking the best path from these seven tier1 carriers. In addition each transit feed is delivered to a separate building and in two regionally diverse locations, Manchester and London.

The physical infrastructure of the Hack Green bunker is also designed to support our network operations; continuous power is supplied by a dedicated 11KV HV sub station connected to the grid backed up by two synchronised auto-start diesel generators. We have underground fuel storage for 110 000 litres of diesel with 20,000 litres currently held onsite. These large fuel reserves mean that we can run for protracted periods disconnected from the National Grid if required.


It is a combination of the physical design of the bunkers services, combined with our diversely routed fully redundant backbone that enables us to deliver an unprecedented quality of service of 99.999% up time throughout our network, designed from the outset to support the needs and requirements of our clients businesses.

Rack space can be rented in standard configurations as Quarter, Half of Full rack with power provisions at 2 amps, 6 amps and 10 amps. Other configurations are subject to availability.